Cyber Monday: Free US Shipping in the Shop!

Happy Cyber Funday!

While in crazy craft-mania preparing for tons of holiday markets, I haven't had the inclination to partake in the madness of malls this holiday season. Instead, I've been picking up gifts at craft shows, on Etsy and finding ideas online for amazing DIY gifts. I like a gift to be a little more special, a little more unique, and a little more fun for the holidays. Etsy brings this to life for us - all while supporting our neighbors, community members and fellow innovators at once.

In support of keeping a Shop Small - Give Big sort of holiday spirit, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING in my shop from now through Tuesday, December 3rd. Just use the code "CYBERFUNDAY" at checkout.

Feel free to share the code with your friends and family and lets spread the joy of a handmade holiday this season. It feels a little nicer, right?

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