An Impromptu (Snow!) Day Off

I haven't actually taken a day off in a while, so when the weather called for crazy snow, sleet and blistery winter conditions this past Sunday, I decided to take a day off from the outdoor markets. Bummer because I was really looking forward to this particular one, but sleet is enough to make me cancel. Instead, I enjoyed breakfast with my fiance for his birthday, and stumbled around some downtown Takoma Park shops, crossing people off of my Christmas shopping list.

Snow covering these cute festive displays outside of Park Florist

The immaculate wall of vintage clothing at Polly Sue's where I am (hopefully affectionately) known as the "wedding dress girl." I go there all the time and try on wedding dresses. No dice so far.

I spent a sleepy afternoon writing some Christmas cards

& Brad and I had a cozy birthday dinner at Mi Rancho - one of our favorite spots.

A wonderful little snow day. Hopefully the rain doesn't ruin the day today! 

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Rin said...

Amina, you're a girl after my own heart!

I, too, made a snow-day excursion to Polly Sue's and walked away with a 50s velvet frock that's as soft and comfortable as a pair of pj's.

PS. And I always check out the wedding dresses. If I see something amazing, I'll let you know. :)